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About the Company

Orthodoxie.com is an independent media outlet reporting equally on all events that happen in and related to the Orthodox world. The website has been re-engineered with the speed and convenience in mind, so readers can always get the latest information without breaking a sweat.

The Process

The original Orthodoxie website was custom-coded years ago and hasn’t been optimized and improved upon since. It was riddled with unresolved bugs that piled up over time, heavily affecting the user experience. The loading speed was slow due to the unoptimized JavaScript and CSS, as well as excessive overhead.

The main challenge was that the website needed to remain live and functioning at all times. After studying the original design, I started building a completely new website with WordPress on the staging domain, recreating the most important design elements. Using GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks for improved speed and accessibility, I crafted the post layouts and imported thousands of posts that were already published, along with their tags and categories. I replaced their old subscription system with Woocommerce Subscriptions and Membership plugins. These plugins helped configure membership plans more efficiently and restricted access to the majority of blog posts that should only be available for members.

After a few design tweaks, the new and improved Orthodoxie website was completed with an easy and intuitive user experience for the readers!

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I want to recommend Stefan, our web developer, who build our news website in WordPress using GeneratePress. He did it from scratch and it was very good work. We use WooCommerce Subscriptions and Memberships to get subscribers to pay to see our articles, and Stefan was able to build the entire website in staging mode while the live website worked perfectly. Then he just swap the front-end without hurting any of hundreds of ongoing recurring subscriptions. The website Stefan delivered loaded faster, better and user experience was much better than before. I am very happy with his work and I recommend him.

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Justin Panev

Director at Orthodoxie.com