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About the Company

Wash Rx Detailing Studio is a female-owned auto detail shop in Huntsville, Alabama. With over 5+ years in the industry, they work to provide exceptional auto detailing, hand car wash, and reconditioning services. They have been serving local car owners, dealers, car clubs, RV’s, big trucks, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles from the Tennessee Valley area since 2017.

The Proces

The client was delighted by the layout of one of the My Detailing Website templates and wanted me to customize it for her company. The template was built using Webflow. 

As this template was created with detailing companies in mind, there weren’t many changes to the original design - clean and simple, with dynamic elements that make the website come alive. The layout was structured to showcase the offered services and incite the visitors to get a quote. After adjusting colors and typography to match the client’s brand, I’ve added an extra service page and uploaded her logo and original content.

STFN Mockup The Wash RX